About BrightMark Consulting

We believe the assets that provide organizations with the power to imagine, to shape human consciousness and to move people to action are the cornerstones of 21st century empires. The precise crafting of the right vision, its compelling translation and flawless execution create a level of value that cannot be quickly matched or exceeded.

Concepts that set new contexts and evoke powerful meanings are the tools that leaders will use to fight competitors, conquer new arenas, forge lasting partnerships, overcome unexpected downturns, and build value where there once was none.

Brands, symbols and intellectual properties of all kinds are the modern arsenal of successful organizations.

We believe that branding is a process of becoming. It is a continuous and collaborative process that uses a wide range of abilities, from rigorous analytics to inspired creativity. We believe that every brand has the chance to be a brand worthy of remark, and that the brand is what YOU make it. Our job is to facilitate your success.

For over 20 years the leaders of BrightMark have been repositioning brands, transforming identities and bringing new ideas to market. Known for its cut-through thinking and creativity BMK remains at the forefront of branding. We work with the world’s leading global corporations, high-growth companies, promising new ventures, ambitious foundations, organizations in transition, and visionary individuals.

CEO Jane Cavalier

For more than 25 years, Jane Cavalier has been on the leading edge of branding and marketing, helping global corporations and game-changing companies grow. She is best known for helping ”renegade” brands break out with impact, including Qwest with its “Ride the Light” brand theme and Snapple with its “Made from the Best Stuff on Earth” brand.

Her track record includes delivering results for global corporations such as American Express, IBM, ExxonMobil, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Proctor & Gamble, US Airways, PepsiCo and other innovative companies such as iRobot, CamelBak and Upromise. In addition, Cavalier has used branding to help transform government agencies in North America — such as the Naval Air Systems Command, U.S. Department of State and Ontario Shared Services — and not-for-profits such as Harvard Hospitals Children’s Hospital Boston and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center . She has held various positions including CEO, Director of Strategic Planning and Creative Director for companies, creative boutiques, some of the world’s largest advertising agencies and private consulting firms.

Cavalier is a frequent industry speaker and writer. She is a visiting professor at the NYU Stern School of Business and the Yale School of Management, and member of the Pardee RAND Graduate School board of trustees. She is currently CEO of BrightMark Consulting, a brand strategy boutique in the NYC area, and Co-Founder of Gottamove.com a new internet-based solution to get Americans moving.


Experts with 10+ BrightMark years combined with dynamic, diverse members from many disciplines.

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